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aWolfPack TenGood SiteOther VS-TrEx Sites
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Other VS-TrEx sites

There are plenty of traffic systems running VS-TrEx software. See our list to learn more.

Mike is an experienced webmaster (masterhitsnow/2007 for example), a veteran fireman and musician. It will be interesting to see what he does '4 hits'!
Ablaze with Traffic

A former DX Script. Owner James Dias has been upgraded to VS-TrEx 2.0. Not only is he a good looking guy but his site is HOT too. You never know what he is going to do next...... Ablaze is proud to be on VS-TrEx Software.
Ads Trek

A Regular+manual surf site oriented towards online businesses.
All American Surf

Surf the Red White & Blue! More traffic for You! By aWolf
Auto Site Traffic

Jeff St Clair believes that if you are in a ‘Service Industry’; then SERVICE is what you should receive. He will go out of his way to ensure that you will get better service than anywhere else on the Net. He has more than a decade of Internet experience and plans to make AutoSiteTraffic one of the most successful exchanges.
AutoSurf Majik

Norm Duffy's first VS-TrEx site
AutoSurf Max

Bob Zimmerman has decided to re-open AutoSurfMax as a VS-TrEx site (he was running ASP). He is offering both regular and manual surf, and has re-opened with almost 2,000 of his original member base! Watch an 'old hand' at traffic exchanging make a great site!
aWolf Pack TEN

The aWolf sites (TEN) private traffic exchange Network! Maybe someday open, but will be by invitation only!
aWolf Surf

Converted from a PT_Scripts for more growth,options and a better Server!
Big Kahuna Surf

Jim Reyna decided to re-start his site with a VS-TrEx script; previously he had started with a PT-Scripts derivative
Black Night Surfing

Wanda Williams' latest creation... vampire-themed surfing.
CashFlow PC Traffic

Don White, having owned and been admin of 2 PT-SCRIPT traffic exchanges in the past, has converted his cashflowpc site to VS-TrEx. He is currently one of the admins at Xtream Members, Work Digital Traffic, Xtream Surf, and Cash Flow PC Traffic, and is the primary admin for Xtream Surf and Cash Flow PC Traffic exchanges.

Under new management of Bob Boulris!
eMedia World traffic

Our second all-new 2.0 site! The webmaster, based in Arizona, USA is getting tech support help from Asia (seriously). He has started 2 regular manual surfs, and this is the second to light up. You have GOT to see this.'.
Free Internet Marketing.

Free Internet Marketing.
Gem Traffic

Click to Surf site by aWolf, has started another powerful Full VS-Trex site! Sorry NO AutoSurfing!
Go Traffic Hits

Brenda started a new site in September, just before OUR server crash. She has developed a motorcycle (Harley) and tattoo theme on her regular manual surf site.
GW Xtream Traffic

George and Wes Hartman have a great new auto+manual, split surf system.
Hit Botz

Under new management (2009-08-01). A regular and manual surf site with a robot-oriented theme. Site is now managed by Andy Wotton, of my-traffic-plan and vs-twister.
Hit Hornet

Lis Rooney has converted another manual-only AMCS script to a VS-TrEX ultimate (surfing and much more). She is a long-time, experienced traffic exchange owner, and has plenty of interesting offers for this Manual Only Traffic Exchange.
Hits CoOp

kenttodd us traffic exchange and more
Honey Hits US

This is a framework replacement for the base text site
Honey Hitz

640 members in November 2006, now a 2.0 VS-TrEx site. HoneyHitz continues to deliver phenomenal traffic.
Houses for Sale in Wichita, KS

Al Reynolds\' new real-estate site.
I need my traffic!

Richard Gartside (DeHawkinz) strikes again!
Immortals Traffic

Jim Reyna has converted a Harland script for his second VS-TrEx script.
International Web Traffic

Another new site by Norm Duffy
KC Test site

test site

Kent Todd decided to convert an existing small traffic exchange to a full VS-TrEx 2.0 site. Regular and Manual surfing, and all basic exchanges are there. Keep your eye on this Southern Gentleman!
Master Hits Now

Mike is an experienced webmaster, a veteran, fireman and musician. He has a great creative flair, and has started this auto+manual site. Definitely worth a look.
Moms Favorite Sites

One of the NWT Network family of sites
Monster Auto Hits

Tim Freteluco had a DX-powered site, and later a Ventrino site. Now, all his members are together, all in one VS-TrEx place This is auto+manual, split surfing. Now through late November, visit Monster Auto Hits and get 300 auto and 150 manual credits here at trex.varisearch:
Multiverse Traffic

Originally created by Richie Miguel, the Graphic Designer at, and now under new management: Norm Duffy!
My Traffic Plan

Andy Wotton (the TrEx Coach) has created a traffic exchange (a m, with credit buyback) to highlight some of the new training and educational systems he has created for the Traffic Exchange Industry. Give the new Coach a try!
Noisy Traffic

Another new site by Norm Duffy
NWT Traffic Network

Our next sub-net site, part of NWT.
NWT Websites

NWT\'s main reseller site
Pinole TV

An experimental site working on new ad types and layouts
Prairiedog Marketing

Lis Rooney has converted another manual-only AMCS script to a VS-TrEX ultimate (surfing and much more). She is a long-time, experienced traffic exchange owner, and has plenty of interesting offers for this Manual Only Traffic Exchange.
Pro Ads Plus

A Great looking Advertising Exchange by Bob Boulris (aWolf)!

Originally created by Richie Miguel, the Graphic Designer at, and now under new management: Norm Duffy!
Realm 12

The framework network: Connecting directories, classifieds, and much more in a central 'clearinghouse' for people who run sites based on Skeleton Framework.
RJS Adverts

Auto surf, banner and advertising exchange.
Surf for Local Music

The Surf For Local Traffic Exchange supports the local music scene in New England through our advertiser's efforts. SFLM also serves ads to our 2 popular music fanzines through our manual external ad exchange.
Surf List

Almost 10 Years old, has been re-opened as a VS-TrEx traffic exchange. It is a auto and manual surfing site.
Surf the Wolf

An ultimate Traffic Exchange site, with all the extras including Banner & Text ad exchanges from aWolf!
TE World

Latest and greatest site by Bob Boulris
The Make1c Exchange

The first VS-TrEx site by Michael Blair, founder of Make1c.
The Traffic Laundry

Norm Duffy's third traffic exchange, and first conversion site.
The World Online

Max Gunderson has started a split-surf traffic exchange to cover 'the world'.
Traffic Cyber

Michael Shields started an all-new VS-TrEx site.
Traffic Dynamite Pro

Explode your traffic! Come surf with us! Under new management of Bob Boulris!
Traffic Icons

Actually started and held up over a year, the site is now coming live with full regular and manual surf, and all exchange types
Traffic Rollers

A new site by Ray Colon
TrEx Lab
True-Blue traffic

Under new management of Bob Boulris!
VariSearch Directory

This is our original directory, which we are modernizing to be a new Skeleton/VS- Module. The site should be editable again in October, 2010. B-)
VariSearch TrEx

visD is an all-Norwegian, manual-only site. If you want to get international traffic, this would be a great place to start! Ansari, the Webmaster, is a newcomer, with several good ideas, and attention to detail. During install, he found 2 'issues' no one has noticed in over a year!

Our original product sales and support site.
VS-TrEx Demo site

Our rebuilt, 2.0 demo site

Andy Wotton (the TrEx Coach) is now running the alpha site for our rotator, VS-Twister. This is a full-fledged VS-TrEx site with the new rotator module added.
Wichita Kansas Homes for Sale

Wichita, Kansas homes for sale. Single Family Residential, Condo's, Multi Family, Apartment complex, Commercial.
Wolf Clicks

aWolf does it again with Wolf Clicks! A Full Featured Traffic Exchange with all the extras and Nice Graphics! Auto & Manual traffic exchange!
Wolf Traffic

A converted AMCS site to VS-TrEx for much better control! Beware of AMCS throwaway scripts, you can never change the domain if there is issues you have to throw it away!!
Xpress Web Traffic

Derek, the originator of this dual-surf, airplane-based site has returned, and plans to grow the site greatly in 2010.
Xtream Global Scripts

A new reseller site for the Xtream Global Marketing Network.
Xtream Members Library

OUR First epLibrary Site!. Xtream Members is a large-size electronic product library, which also has a traffic exchange. This is the first showcase for our new epLib module, and Cherie Halliday (a long time online marketer/trainer) is at the helm.
Xtream Surf

Cherie Halliday and the Xtream Global Marketing group have converted a PT Script site to use the new VS-TrEx Lite. She wants to bring excitement back to the site, and offers good marketing information for all.
Xtream TEN

Xtream Global Marketing's Traffic Exchange Network
Yoni Clix

Lance Whyte is starting a VS-TrEx site to replace his prior script. Auto Manual, no paid-to running. This is our first Australian site.
Your Automatic Traffic

Autosurf by Ryan!


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