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Weekly Top 25 Surfers

Information for Surfing between 22 January and 28 January.

ID - Handle # /Sites Surfed Credits Earned Bonus given
1260 - bob3271 54348 52249.700 2612.5
1276 - hotolive 8970 5382.000 269.1
1150 - elg2016 3235 1941.000 97.1
1266 - Toptop 2866 2867.150 143.4
1271 - frantoiferrara 1735 1041.000 52.1
1155 - ruzbiz60 25 17.750 0.9
1243 - awolfsurfcsg 23 17.250 0.9

Total surfing of top 25 members this week : 71202

Total surfing of all members this week : 71202

Members bonus: If you are on this list, the system adds 5.00% to surf-earned credits with each statistical newsletter.

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